Wednesday, January 05, 2011

project 12 - December twenty ten

As promised or should I say challenged, I completed a layout using the December sketch from project 12 (see previous post).
It has been so long since I completed a scrapbooking layout I felt so 'rusty'.  Hopefully with more practice I will get back into the groove.

Another challenge presented itself while completing the layout.  I can't stand spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation and most things grammar - not that I am perfect at it by a long shot, but I often pick up mistakes in other people's writing.  I am one of those people that refuse to talk in modern abbreviations when sending text messages.  Anyway, I noticed after I had printed and stuck down the journaling strip that I had inadvertently left out a word, meaning one sentence didn't make sense.  I did debate adding in the missing word with a pen, but thought that it would only draw attention to it.  I then debated if I should rip it up and re-print it (including the cutting, border punching and inking) but decided I should just let it be.  I am letting go.

Journaling reads:   
I love that you will both let me take photos of you.
Emily, you certainly take every opportunity to strike a pose for photos.  I still have to get you to say something as I take the photo or you give me a fake, cheesy smile.  Those blue eyes, porcelain skin and those curls are just so you.
Sophie, you certainly don't sit still for long.  Normally when I try to take a photo you are up and gone in a blur.  Fortunately you are a little copycat and were quite [content] to copy your sister today and sit still while I took your photo.  You have such a cheeky smile.
December 2010

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  1. Well done on complateing your first layout for 2011! It looks great! You've inspired me to challenge myself to do one layout at least a month (but hopefully one a week).
    Good luck with your challenge this year, Rachel!


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