Friday, November 19, 2010

Three on Thursday on Friday

1. Canvas x 3
2. Gesso x1
3. Paintbrush x 1

Now the annoying part of waiting for the gesso to dry so I can paint on it with acrylics... I'm so impatient!
I couldn't find impasto locally so the best I could do was the gesso - it seems to work ok.  I think the impasto would have been a bit thicker - but that also would have meant I would have had to buy more of it.  The bonus is that I bought 2 tubs of the gesso so if after it dries I dislike what I have, I can always give it another coat and cover up what I have.  I'm not sold on the flowers but it looked too plain without something there, and I'd like some texture to whatever it is.  I could have gone with circles... I still could if I decide against the flowers.  I'll be adding some Adirondack paints in creamy fawn colours (Lake Mist and Pebble), with a mid blue and a darkish blue (Pool and Stream), plus some pale green (Juniper) along with some silver highlights.  I just hope it turns out like I have it pictured in my head!
Please leave a comment - should I stick to the flowers or ditch them for some circles (overlapping different sized - kind of like bubbles)?

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