Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fab Finds

Here are some of the cool things I have come across lately:

* Facebook app that turns your status update into a sort of digital scrapbook page.  This is so cool that I don't even mind thinking that there is someone out there who has access to all my statuses.  Just before I finished it I took a screen shot (press the PrintScreen button in the top right of the keyboard) and pasted it into Paint (you could also use Word, Photoshop, etc).  Tada, instant scrapbook page highlighting some of the interesting things I wrote on my facebook page.

* Papertrey Ink.  I know, it's a bit naughty that I like a papercrafting competitor considering I'm a Kaszazz Consultant, but if PTI had a direct sales organisation here in Australia I would join tomorrow.  I love their designs, I love their colours, I love their dies. {heart} For now I just drool over their releases every month (can you believe they have a release every month!).

* PageMaps. Need I say more?  I have a folder dedicated to all of the PDF files that I can flick through when I need a page idea, or a card idea.  Each month they release a new page of scrapbook maps (sketches) and every 3 months they release a new page of card maps. My best friend calls it the bible of papercrafts.  Definitely a 'go to' book.

* Pretty decor.  I love looking at pretty, functional items that would look great in my cupboards, on my bench or on the table.  Like this, or this, or even these. Sigh.

If you've come across something great recently, feel free to leave a comment.

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