Tuesday, December 07, 2010

One Fifty

This is my one hundred and fiftieth post on this blog.  I guess that is memorable.  A milestone.
What do I have to share for this memorable milestone?  Not much.  The weather here has been crazy silly - about 28 degrees and very humid, which makes it feel more like 35 degrees.  I hate to think what the 40 degree days of summer will be like.

I had the evaporative cooling on all day yesterday but didn't open a window in our bedroom, and when I got into bed last night the bedding felt damp. Bluck (as Sophie would say).

The weather has made doing anything around the house less interesting and I've felt so lethargic.

I have not touched anything on my craft desk since I painted the canvases... in fact the paints are still sitting on the top.  No cards, no layouts, nothing.

We did have a surprise yesterday morning when I discovered 2 brand new guinea piglets in the hutch.  After we got the 3 guinea pigs and I figured out how to tell boys from girls we separated Rosie into one side, and kept Harry and Jake in the other.  That was back in September/October and we had given up on the fact that she would have any babies, so it was quite a surprise when I spotted a tiny guinea piglet in the hutch - it took about a minute to register.  Emily has decided that the 2 new babies are girls (because she said they are) and has named them Olivia and Alisa.  They are totally cute - a bit like fat little mice with no tail and a full body of fur.  They are tri-colour like their mum and dad (not sure which is actually "dad").

Emily was super excited and came rushing out the back, as did Sophie (to see what the fuss was about) and both girls were just in awe of these cute little creatures.

The depressing part is my schedule is so busy I don't know when I will next get a chance to make something crafty.  I have got a few older projects to share in the meantime.

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