Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Year in the Life project

I have had some issues with Blogger, so I apologise for not posting.  Seems to be ok now.

I wanted to share with you this little project that I whipped up in about 3 hours start to finish.
I'm calling it my "Year in the Life" project. No it's not a photo a day, or even particularly in-depth.
I am going to do one for both of my girls, but I chose to do Emily's first.
I went back and picked one photo of her that I took each month (you could cheat and not use photo's taken within each month) and printed them out.
I used 2 6x6 chipboard album covers, 2 album rings, 2 pieces of double sided paper, a bit of paint and some double sided tape.
I cut the 2 pieces of double sided paper into 6x6 pieces - making a total of 8 - 7 will be used in the album. I then arranged these so that each spread would be one side of the paper, and the next spread would be the reverse side - front then back, and used my hole punch to punch through all the papers in one go (I just marked the holes from the covers usint a pencil).
After working out the order I used a glue stick to adhere the first page to the inside of the album cover, and the last page to the inside of the back cover.
After this it was just a matter of using a emery board to sand off the overhanging bits of the inside covers, paint the front and back (and wait for it to dry, but you can keep working on the other pages while you wait), then simply stick one photo for each month onto the paper, re-punching the holes as you go if the photo covers them.
I also printed off little journal strips about events that happened each month as a bit of a keepsake. You could choose to embellish each page as you like, but I just kept it simple.
Here is my finished product to this stage:


First 2 pages.

Last 2 pages.

I then embellished the front cover using some of the leftover piece of patterned paper, a paper doily, some painted chipboard letters and some flowers and pearls.

Easy, quick, cheap and would make an excellent gift to grandparents or other relatives too. I think I may have to make duplicates of each of the girls...

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