Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My, how the time flies! My baby girl turned 2 last week. It was actually the day my week started going badly.  Miss Emily was home from school sick with a cold, Sophie had the beginnings of a cold and I totally forgot that I had arranged to pick up Emily's friend from school to come for a play that afternoon. Big Oops. You can read how my week got even better [sarcasm] in my last post. Anyway enough about me and more about Miss two.

Miss Sophie, you have become quite a little chatterbox of late.  You certainly speak your mind and tell us what's what.  Some of the things you come out with amaze us because you have remembered something or you noticed something we didn't.  I love that.  Sometimes you can be a little hard to understand but we usually figure out what a word means by repeating what we think you said and you tell us 'no' or 'yes'.  You are even starting to string together 3-4 words to make simple sentences.  One of the first sentences you said was "Look Daddy.  I'm in the water." which came out more like "Look Daddy. I in water." which happened while we were away camping last month.
You like routine and predictability.  Every morning at 11am you go down for a nap and you know when you wake up we go to pick up Emily from school.  You know when the timer on the stove goes off dinner is ready and you have to have your plate.  You know when the alarm goes at 8pm it's bed time and you don't protest about it.
You still love your "bebe's" or babies, your lion and leopard.  You can't go to bed or out of the house without them. If people mistakenly call them something else like a bear or a tiger you correct them by saying "lion, leopard".  When you are tired you play with your lion's tail and suck 'those two fingers' - the middle and ring fingers on your left hand, palm up.
You totally adore your sister (and vice-versa) and you like to copy everything she does from cleaning your teeth and doing your hair to playing with the same toys and sitting in the same chair.  I love that you love each other.  I love that most of the time you get along really well and don't fight.  Occasionally you have bitten your sister or pulled her hair which got you into trouble.
We have started to see the beginnings of the "terrible twos" - there have been a couple of times you have had a full-on meltdown and ended up kicking and screaming on the floor.  I'm hoping that this phase will pass quickly.
We love you so much Sophie, and we love that you seem so happy.  Just don't grow up too fast!

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