Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A first for 2012

How is it February already? Time is certainly flying and on looking over my blog (yes, last updated in October last year) I still haven't achieved any more!  I seem to have all the good intentions and plans but I'm not so good on the carrying them out part. I have compiled all of the Week in the Life project photos (from July?) but I have not printed them... yet. I will either buy more ink for my printer or get them printed in store. Then it will just be a matter of re-reading my notes and write out the journalling I want to keep in the album.  In a way it is nice reflecting on all the bits and pieces from 6 months ago, because as life has a habit of doing, it has all changed since then.
I am loving the look of Becky Higgins' Project Life - it has everything I love from Ali Edwards' albums - photos + notes/ephemera without doing dramatic pages.  The more I look at this style, the more I am preferring it to the classical scrapbook pages.  I like collecting stuff, I like not having to think about layouts (I am a huge fan of PageMaps), I like the mix between a conventional pocket photo album and a scrapbook.  I love that it can be as easy or complicated as you want.  I would even go so far as to not even bother with a week to an opening - just adding things as they come along - some weeks could be 10 photos, some weeks 2.  But no matter how much I get told about chronological scrapbooking, I can't give it up - I NEED to have order to my photos.  I hate when albums are not in order of the events as they occurred.  The only thing holding me back is that I can't source ANY of the core items until at least MAY - when almost half the year is gone.  I am really disappointed about this, but I have cut up some of my own 4x3 journalling cards to use and will possibly be able to source some of the page-protectors this month, so I can do it my way and see how it goes, but it is an ongoing project (hence the name) so I will possibly source it this year anyway even if I don't use it until next year.
So, what's happening in my craft plans for this year?  I am not choosing a One Little Word this year (after I didn't really do much with it last year) but is something I could consider in the future.  I will be participating in a Week in the Life project for this year although I may choose my own week instead of the week in April that Ali has announced.  We have a new addition to our household so I have a new family member to photograph and journal about (the 4 legged kind, not a baby!).  I want to focus less on amounts produced and just enjoy the crafts I have loved for years - one page is better than none.  I want to take more photos (and focus more on taking my camera with me).  I want to have balance.

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