Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Life Setup

**If you want more info on what Project Life is, check out Becky's site**
I have decided that I will do my own thing for Project Life this year and I am determined to follow this through.  It just makes so much sense and requires so little effort to keep your scrapbooking up to date.
I got creative last week and this, and made my own journalling cards using the formula I found on Cathy's blog.  I created a new blank file using PS Elements and inserted layers to add digital patterned papers and used the rectangle tool to create lines (I am totally self taught, so this was the only way I knew how to add lines).  I came up with about 15 designs that I have printed and will use, along with some patterned paper I had on hand to coordinate.  I really like the Turquoise and Clementine ranges so I tried to mimic the colours and stick to mostly blues and yellow-oranges mixed with neutrals.
This is my personal kit setup:

 The top cards are 4x6" and the ones underneath are slightly smaller than 4x3"
 I plan to keep this on my 'desk' (I use a buffet unit as my scrapbooking storage and work surface) and just grab items as I need them.
Due to my printing of the journalling elements (which I printed on Matt Photo Paper) my printer is now out of coloured inks. I'm in 2 minds as to how I should print my photos.  I like the idea of printing at home because I can update the layouts instantly but the end cost is a lot more.  I like the cost and ease of printing in-store (no mess, no fuss) but I am not a frequent shopper apart from the local grocery store so it may take a few weeks to get to the shop - meaning I will always be behind on the photo side of things. I think I'm leaning towards the at home option.
In the last week I have put together my first 5 weeks of journalling and organised which photos I will be using.  I found it hard for the first 4 weeks because I had not decided I would be doing this project and I wasn't focused on taking photos so a few weeks have very few photos.  I can live with that though.  I wasn't going to focus on a week to a layout, but it is a lot easier to organise it this way, and with modern technology it is easy enough to get extra visual content if you don't have the photos - like print outs from websites (I printed a picture from a restaurant website where we had dinner) or even just pretty patterned papers.
I have placed my order for the Project Life page protectors but until they arrive (hopefully some time this month) I am using some Pebbles Inc 6x4 protectors to hold everything - it just makes it a bit difficult to access some of the journalling cards.

I will add the photos once I get ink to print.

Here are some of the downloads I am using (all currently free):
Cathy Zielske's Free Day Cards
Polaroid style photo frames
Old sticky tape textures
Spontaneous Delights free kit by Carrie Stephens
DigiKit Boho Chic by Brandy Buffington
Breezy papers by Karla Dudley
Official Project Life Grid journalling cards
The CoffeeShop Blog Storyboards and Frames and Actions and Presets

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