Friday, February 24, 2012

Project Life - the real stuff + freebie download

The last week has been a tough one.  My husband's grandmother quickly deteriorated and passed away last Friday and the funeral was this Wednesday.  Seeing as I had been playing around with PS Elements a bit, I offered to make the Order of Service booklet for the funeral and the "photographic journey" slideshow.  Everyone was very pleased with the results.  As you can imagine that has taken most of my time for the last week, along with visiting family and family visiting us.

I finally got my photo's printed (at Big W) and I still have no coloured inks here at home, but today I decided I would take some ME time, and I had a play with making some of my own Project Life journalling cards (slightly smaller than 3"x4" - 2.875 x 3.9375 inches).  I have a plain version of the grid cards in blue, and a matching set of days of the week cards.

Click HERE for the Days of the Week Cards in Blue (A4 PNG file)

Feel free to use these in your own albums (please don't use these for commercial use).

Click HERE for the matching Plain Grid cards in Blue (A4 PNG file)

Simply print and cut them out to use in the Project Life pockets.
*** I'm not sure why the page is saying the file is not found, but if you click Download Image it will download the file. ***

Speaking of the Project Life pockets, my page protectors arrived in the mail Wednesday (while I was at the funeral) so I got to pick them up at the post office yesterday morning and place all of my weeks 1-7 into their real homes.  This made me happy.

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