Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creative block but now I'm back!

You know how authors say they get writers' block? Well I've had a bit of creative block recently. Everytime I have managed to sit down and try out some combinations I've either been on a role and get interrupted or it just turns out horrible (well not horrible but not so appealing). In the scrapbooking world when this happens it's called losing your mojo.
The good news is that I'm back!
I just made some great gift tags and an awesome card but the catch is, you have to come see them yourself this Sunday at Wilmington Community Centre/Kindergarten Fete (7-13 Wilmington Avenue, Hoppers Crossing) between 10am and 1pm where you will see myself, Debbie and a range of craft displays and a FREE make and take demonstration.
To the wonderful people I met on Sunday at the Mossfiel Childrens' Centre, thanks for coming over and saying hi. It was my first time doing a stall so it was all new to me.
As always if you have any questions, would like to order products or you'd like to book a demostration or workshop email me at rachel.witthaus@gmail.com.
There are some great new special offers coming out this month and next so you will be receiving my email very soon, especially if you are considering joining as a Kaszazz Consultant!
I'll be back soon to share another of my creations :)

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