Friday, April 16, 2010

Ali Edwards: week in the life

One of the best known names in the Scrapbooking industry is Ali Edwards.  She has a distinct style and often combines paper and digital (known as hybrid) and ends up with an eclectic mix of photos, ephemera (gathered items), journalling and embellishments.
As of Monday (which will be Tuesday Australian time) she is beginning her week in the life project.  If you are interested in following her or even trying this yourself you can check it out on her blog here.  She currently has a great post outlining what is required (and you could do this project anytime - not just next week) and you will need.
I like that her focus is on the photos and events rather than a strong emphasis on the graphic design of each page.  I know that pretty pages are nice to look at, but it sometimes helps to remember why I scrapbook.  I have a bad memory and kids grow far too quickly, so every little bit helps!

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