Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My New (more permanent) Space

I finally have my dining room back.  Friday the buffet I had bought off that-online-auction-site got delivered.  The instructions were ok - just a series of numbered parts (as long as you know the difference between a JK screw and a T screw).

Note - do not ever believe the estimated construction time.  2 people, 1 hammer, 1 screwdriver, 30 minutes... I think not!  Matt and I started at about 8pm Friday night and when it got to 11pm we called it quits for the night with the drawers still to assemble and one screw head stripped and not fully in.  I had a stall at a local market day Saturday, so while I was away Matt constructed the drawers and tried to figure out how to get the screw either in or out because it was protruding so that the drawer wouldn't close.  After I got home we looked up and figured we either needed some vice-grip pliers or an extractor drill bit.  Matt went and got both, along with some appropriately sized replacement screws because 1 stripped screw had turned into 2 (when going back and putting in the final screws).  It turned out the vice-grip pliers worked really well, and the replacement screws were fine.  Job well done.  Total construction time = approx 5hrs.

So by 5pm Saturday I finally started the job of transferring all my supplies over into the new drawers, and discovered that I needed a custom height for one of the shelves in the cupboard - I needed the space above for storage, but the bottom needed to fit 12x12 albums and papers... enter the handyman to drill me some holes to place the shelf higher.  By about 9pm Saturday I had the majority of my supplies transferred over - and had purged what was not going to stay.
The top left drawer is the home to the general stationery items (pens, textas, pencils, stapler, paperclips, etc) as well as the acrylic blocks and stamp cleaning pad (and baby wipes).

The center drawer is home to most of the common tools and materials used (rulers, embossing powders, adhesives, re-inkers, paints, etc).

The top right drawer is home to embellishments (ribbons, glitters, buttons, bling, pearls, etc).  I think this will be my favourite drawer.

The cupboards underneath house the bigger and heavier items, such as my Cuttlebug and trays that hold the folders and dies, the trays that house my ink pads, the box where I store all my A5 cardstock, my stamps (in CD cases), my 12x12 albums, and so on.

The little brown faux leather desk organiser is now where my most used tools are kept (archival pens, nail files, distresser, craft knife, scissors, bone folder, etc).

Unfortunately there isn't enough space in the buffet to hold my other craft items (like sewing machine, jewellery supplies, knitting and yarn, etc) so I have to find these a new home elsewhere.

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