Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three on Thursday - "Finally"

1. Finally I bought a frame to put a wedding photo on the wall - we've only been married 7 years.  We have lived in that many rentals we kind of got used to not having stuff on the walls, so although I had the photos, they have never been displayed outside of the "wedding album".  I do now fear that I have an unhealthy liking of picture hooks and a hammer... I managed to hang 13 frames in one afternoon.

2. Finally I'm getting organised!  If not physically, I have lots of plans and I now know how to deal with it.  Reading the Unstuff book has certainly helped me understand that our possessions/belongings/stuff are not us, or an extension of us, so if we are done with something (not using it any more, broken despite being a cherished item or really don't like it but are keeping it 'because') it's time to find it a new home - either in the bin, sold, donated to a person or charity or given back to the rightful owner.  I found the chapter on gifts particularly useful.  Trust me, it is well worth the read - and I now look at gift giving in another light.  The essence of it is that all gifts are/should be given freely with no strings attached.  If you receive a gift that you don't like apply the above rule about finding it a new home (although giving it back may be going a little too far).  On the other side of that, I realised that I would perhaps be offended if someone didn't like a gift I gave them, but after seeing it in a new way, I understand that it's the generosity and thought that count, not the physical gift and if they chose to 'get rid of it' then that's their choice and it's ok with me.

3. Finally Sophie's hair is long enough to pull back into a ponytail (of sorts).
Just for the record, Sophie has not had a dummy since she was about 3 months old.  She discovered this dummy I had kept with some of her other baby things and now that she knows where it is, she goes and steals it, then she carries it around and pretends to suck it.

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