Friday, January 29, 2010

Sketches! Challenge #104

I'm a bit slow with this one seeing as today is Friday here in Australia, but we have been away camping since last Friday and I'm just getting back into everything. It's amazing how a change of routine throws everything out!

This week over at Sketches! it is a Journalling Challenge - the task was to:
Journal about something in your life that you have
overcome. It can be something very personal and of great importance or something that was a big moment or change in your life. Or it can be something that is more light hearted,
maybe not a huge ordeal in your life but still a situation or something that you had to overcome and make it through to get
to where you wanted to be or to accomplish what you wanted to accomplish.

So, my take on it was to journal about my graduation from university. For me it was a little harder because I had to go back to uni when Emily was a baby so I could finish my course. I had to overcome my own mindset and just DO IT! I'm definitely glad I did :)

I guess it's funny that I love journalling, and have at least a paragraph on 99% of my pages, but when you are given a challenge to journal about something in particular it becomes so difficult! I think I have been quite blessed that there hasn't been too much hardship in my life so far, and for that I can be grateful.

If you have a photo of something you have overcome and could journal about please share it with us over at Sketches! Don't forget to check out all the other DT members pages too - very diverse. Thanks for reading :)

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