Sunday, July 26, 2009

A nice afternoon crop

Wow, it's not until you need to pack everything that you realise quite how much stuff you have accumulated!
I woke up thinking what I would need to take with me to an afternoon crop at Angela's place and by the time I got to the table and started packing I realised I would need a bigger bag. It went something like this:
White card, Cream card, Chocolate Chip card, Pastels card, Brights card, cutting mat and cutters, 'work in progress' album, assortment of papers, Bazzill and Bazzill bling card, 3 lots of photos to go with some of the papers, jar of flowers, jar of brads, jar of fozz felt, tape runner and foam, mini inks (just in case), cuttlebug, cuttlebug dies and folders (I have 6 alpha sets which weigh a tonne on their own!), some ribbons, and a box of assorted rhinestones and pearls... oh and some embossing powders, heat gun, versamark, and why not take some kindyglitz and glossy accents - you know, just in case... Goodness knows how I managed to carry it all! And of course, I found that I only needed a quarter of what I took with me.
I did manage to get an awesome 'masculine-ish' card made for my delightful husband - which I will photograph later with his permission (who am I kidding? I'm going to show it anyway!), I finished my first official layout of Miss Sophie (which had been sitting unfinished for over 2 weeks) and I managed to make a start on another layout... and stamped and punched out lots of cardstock.
It is so nice to sit and create without worrying what Miss 4 is up to or being interrupted 10 mins in by Miss 0 wanting a feed (there goes the next 30 mins). Matt was left with 2 bottles of expressed milk and an assortment of dummies - and he managed to do a fine job - not that I had any doubts in his abilities.
I promised Ange that I would make a card using the bird from the Stampin' Up 'Always' set, so when I got home I set to work, but I wasn't happy with the end product. I intend to pick it apart and start again... be watching tomorrow for the reveal.
Anyway, I better stop being anti-social and get back to the in-laws... I'm also hoping this silly cold goes away. I hate snot!

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  1. wow, ok seriously, we are pea's in a pod! Love that you take it ALL. Story of my life! lol


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