Monday, August 03, 2009

My package arrived!

How good is it when you get mail... or better - a package. Not the bills, or the junk mail but stuff that actually has handwriting on it. So you can imagine my disappointment when I got home Friday and saw that someone had tried to deliver a package. Time - 5pm. Post office closes - 5pm. No! I had to wait all weekend because the office they took the package to doesn't open weekends, so I had to get there at 9am this morning to get my parcel. And then what else can you do but open it up straight away and check out the contents :)

So, here's the contents.

Lots of nice stuff to start playing with, although my personal wishlist of products is growing by the day... I wonder if you can just buy the whole catalogue? No, not the catalogue - the whole contents of the catalogue.

Anyway, when I got a few moments this afternoon I opened some of the packaging and started using some stuff. I kid you not, I was like a child in a lolly shop. So, here are my first creations:

The first was using the Jumbo Rollagraph. The wheel is called 'four flowers' and the Ancient Page ink 'coal black'. I rolled it over the tag, then using my chalks, I coloured the image. It was quite strange really because the chalks look so much like eyeshadows, but they go on the page so nicely. The pom poms are just too cute and surprisingly easy to use.

The second was using the 2 step stamp of the butterfly, the mini messages stamps and the liquid chalks. These liquid chalks are SO good!! They are the consisency of pigment inks, but they dry quite quickly to the matt finish of chalks. This also means that they don't appear to bleed much - which can be a problem for some inks and papers, so the images stay crisp. Each of the colours unclips and you can use it like a mini stamp pad, or you can leave them in the case... you can even swap around the colours to get a rainbow effect on your stamps. Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'm going to play around with these in the next few days and see what interesting designs I can come up with.

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