Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Toot!

I am going to toot my own horn, and announce that I have won the Kaszazz Team Training Day (TTD) competition - out of all of Australia! On TTDs they run a competition with a theme or requirement. Because the new release was Romance, they pre-released some of the stamps so that we could use them to make a project to take along and potentially win a prize on the day. I happened to win first prize at our TTD (and I was stoked!) but then the consultants that were running the TTDs had to send in photos to head office to show what had been created... and out of all of the TTDs across the country they gave mine FIRST! How cool is that!
There was nothing particularly difficult about it - it was 2 pillow boxes, 2 cards and a 'noodle' gift box that I thought would make a cool 5 projects quick. I think Corie and Kim only took a photo of the pink card/pillow box and the noodle box to submit, but here is all of the items I made for the day:

For my little bit of effort, I've not only won myself the 2 packs I got on the day, but now I get a $250 prize pack sent from Kaszazz. I'm pretty stoked!


  1. Wow! Congrats on winning :) you can see why, these are absolutley beautiful! I really love how you kept the colours simple, and those butterflies! I love butterflies :)

  2. Hey Rachel, congrats they are very beautiful works of art, love the pink card!


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