Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tim Holtz is so cool!

I know I have previously expressed my love of Distress Inks, the Ink Blending Tool, and I'm starting to love the Distress Embossing Powders too... not to mention Crackle Paint and Stickles... the guy is seriously talented to have thought up these products and more.
If you are a follower of his blog you will know he is currently in the UK and was a guest presenter on QVC-UK - something similar to TVSN - this morning (well, I couldn't work out the time difference, but when I checked about 1pm it had already happened). If you want to watch the segments you can go to the QVC-UK website and click on the last 24hrs and select 12:00am - 1:00am to see his products and you can click them to watch the presentation (this will only apply until tomorrow Aust time).
I watched a few of the segments and I learned a few things... like one whole dropper of the Distress Ink Refill is the correct amount to refill the whole pad! Apparently he designed it this way - how clever is that? He also designed each of the colours to maintain their colour integrity - as in, when you add water the colour doesn't change, only the intensity! That means that you always get an accurate colour whether you mix it with no, a little, or a lot of water.
The Distress Stickles are pretty cool too - they are not your standard glitter glue. When they are smeared on in an even, thin coating (he uses his finger to smear it out) they dry with the appearance of crushed glass, or when used in a blob they dry with the appearance of a rhinestone... and the best bit - you can dry them with a heat tool and the particles won't melt!!!
I can't believe I knew nothing about the world of Distress and Tim Holtz before becoming a Kaszazz consultant - how did I survive?! All of the cool products we get to use and demo is just another reason I love Kaszazz!

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