Friday, February 12, 2010

Finished!!! Well, for now at least.

I have JUST finished cleaning, tidying and rearranging my scrap space.
Yes, I know you want a look...

This is my new corner - well, it's the same corner, just different!

Now I wish I could say that it still looks like this... but it has been a good half an hour and there were piles of papers, a box full of ribbons, brads, buttons, etc and some display pieces that needed a home so they are all piled in that spare space to the right of my craft mat... and I will find a new home for them tomorrow. Oh and the tub at the end of the table is filled with all my Kaszazz products that I need to find a home for too.
Ok, so what's where... the top shelf of the bookcase is the pink drawers with my cuttlebug dies and folders, and my cuttlebug. The big basket currently holds all my inks, embossing powders and rollagraph stuff (we'll see how that works). Second shelf has my rubber stamps in the CD cases, stamp cleaning stuff and pencils/textas/crayons. Third shelf is a mixture of paints, brushes, jewellery stuff and my Xyron that never gets used (roll eyes).
Fourth shelf is boxes of photos, acrylic stamps and sewing stuff, plus my unused chipboard album/projects. Bottom shelf is home to my mags, wool and x stitch, bling and more jewellery stuff.
On the desk from the right is Kaszazz folders, Scrapbook albums, Kaszazz tub (everything you could imagine is in there), card and envelopes (in my new boxes), adhesives, paints etc, chipboard and stickers, all my tools, my OTT lamp (l.o.v.e this!) and my new document tray/drawer where I can store my unfinished layouts and in the drawer is more bling.
I think the way I have arranged the desk and bookcase makes better use of the space - it doesn't eat into the room as much. Now the only problem is I'll need eyes in the back of my head to watch the kids!

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