Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coming up for air...

I have got to the point that I have to do some rearranging and sorting of my scrap space. And anyone who knows me, I can put up with things for a while (I'm good at ignoring) but when it has bugged me enough, that's it! It gets done once and it gets done properly.
I'm thinking I might get rid of a whole heap of stuff that I've never used and probably never will... if anyone out there in blog-land would like some free stash (yes it will probably be old papers and embellishments - but still in excellent condition) drop me a line and I'll post it to you. I'd rather that than throw it out. At the minute I'll limit it to people within Australia - just for the sake of postage costs for me.
So, I'm in the process of trying to sort out the "to keep" and "not to keep" while considering how I'm going to rearrange my space. I have limited room in my corner of the lounge, with my dining table (it literally is our old dining table that I have adopted as my desk) and a small bookcase. I currently have the bookcase in the corner against the wall, then next to the end of the bookcase is my table with the end to the wall, and the computer desk is along the wall next to that... kind of like a T shape with the table sticking out into the room. I'm thinking it may work better with the table longways against the wall and moving the bookcase.
Eventually we plan to get the wall built in with cupboards and a bench (similar to our kitchen) which will give us a lot more storage and a clean neat look (seeing as it's on display) but the budget isn't stretching that far at the moment. I'll have to make do for now :) oh, and drool over all the cool stuff at Ikea - you know I've only ever been there once, but I visit the website quite frequently.
So, I'll be back to it again tomorrow and hopefully by this time tomorrow I might have a photo of my "new" space to share... maybe? If I haven't posted by Wednesday someone please come and rescue me from under my table where I could possibly be rocking in the foetal position or pinned to the floor trapped under the heavy weight of cardstock, papers and embellishments...

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