Monday, September 13, 2010


I really like "Thinking of You" cards because they can be used for numerous occasions - as a pick-me-up, for a friend, when someone is mourning, if someone is sick... etc.
I fell in love with all of the "old book" creations that use either old children's books, sheet music, etc.  I went op-shopping (which is a little out of my comfort zone, but with some encouragement I think I could take to it like a duck to water), and found an old children's dictionary (without pictures) for $2 - perfect!  I brought it home and popped it on a shelf with some of my stash.  And there it has sat for months.  I've seen so many creations and thought "oh, I could do that with a dictionary page", but never got around to it.  It seemed like I was doing the unthinkable by ripping a page out of it... but I finally got up the courage, opened it to a random place and tore out a page.

I used some distress ink on the edges to give it a bit more of a weathered look, because in all honesty, the book is only as old as I am ;) and it is still in really good condition.  I then stamped the Cherry Blossoms stamp onto the torn page and coloured it with chalks.  I used the rest of the page to punch out the scallop circles for the flower and I used Smooch Spritz on it to give the flower a gold shine.  The kraft coloured base gives it a warm, old-fashioned feel to it.  I used a strip of scrap patterned paper down the side to ground it.
My inspiration for this card came from Card Patterns Sketch 80, in particular the card by Tracy Schultz.  I just love that the word sentiment is at the top of the page - it totally fits with a card.

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