Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family week - day 2

When we are together there are certain activities that we enjoy participating in.  We often play games - we are very familiar with bingo, pairs, my little pony game (with a colour spinner), mousetrap maths and any other game suitable for a 5 year old.  We sometimes even enjoy playing with 5 year old toys.

We also enjoy getting out of the house and having a picnic.

Or having a kick of the football - AFL of course!

We also have our own interests and hobbies.  Miss 5 loves to do the crafty thing like her mummy.

She loves colouring in, playing with stamps and inks and sticky tape, and even writing (which at this stage is just a whole heap of letters jumbled together).
Matt enjoys playing on the Playstation3, while I like doing my crafty thing.

What are the activities that you enjoy doing as a family or individually?

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