Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kaszazz Creative Challenge - April

The kit this month included some gorgeous Clearsnap Glitters.  These glitters are the perfect size - small enough to add detail, but large enough so it's not superfine and gets stuck to *everything*.
The colour I was given was the Ocean Spray along with the Bahamas Bazzill and the Brown Organdy ribbon.  I already had the Honey Glow glitter, so paired all of these up for a rather striking combination.  The great thing with glitter is that you don't need to use glue.  Here I used a combination of double sided tape and JAC (double sided sticker paper).  For example, to make the butterflies I covered a piece of cardstock with JAC paper, leaving the upper backing paper on.  I punched out my butterflies, then pealed off the top backing paper and sprinkled with glitter.  The little flowers I simply punched out of JAC and stuck straight onto the card then sprinkled with glitter.  It is important to brush any excess glitter off any of the pieces with a dry, firm paint brush to avoid cross contaminating colours if using 2 or more colours, and it also helps not to end up with glitter falling off *everywhere*.

Now there's no excuse not to add a bit of bling to your projects!

P.S No matter how hard I tried, I still managed to get glitter *everywhere*.  At least my house now sparkles!

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