Monday, July 19, 2010

Family week - day 6

Today is all about today - you know, the everyday.  Let's face it, not everyday is super wonderful with it's own story to tell.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has "everyday" days.  Sometimes I still like to record some of these moments, and instead of telling the story I can express my feelings or write a quote.  Still just as meaningful.

The food:
I am by no means a great cook.  I probably would be if there was a little kitchen fairy that cleaned up after me... but alas no.  I do like to capture some of the out of the ordinary things I make, and the girls enjoying their food.

Past times:
Emily is very content to amuse herself with her toys or watch some TV.  Sophie loves to sleep - well, maybe not loves, but she is a good sleeper.  They play together surprisingly well, despite the fact that Emily sometimes expects a little too much of Sophie (she's a little young to grasp the concept of sharing yet).

Unexpected moments:
I always have my camera out on the bench or on my desk, so it is never far from reach if something unexpected happens.  Take for example the photo below.  Here Matt was trying to fix my sister's computer - he had removed the case and was looking at the insides when he suddenly got some helpers that couldn't wait to get their hands on some cables and components.

Or turning around from the front seat of the car and seeing both girls asleep in the back seat.

The poses:
 Everyday is a great day to grab the camera and put yourself in the photo too.

These are just some of our "everyday" moments.  What are your "everyday" moments?

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